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What can Net Detective be used for?

Looking for background wallpapers?
Did you know that you can find out just about anything on
anyone with the Net Detective software? This software is used
by hundreds of top private investigators to track down people and find out more about them. Net Detective 2001 has received the endorsement of the National Association of Independent Private Investigators (NAIPI). But Net Detective is not just for private investigators. You at home can gain access to the same information just by downloading this software.

Net Detective has thousands of ways and sources of finding out
the information you need. Some of it's uses are listed below -

  • Find out the TRUTH about anyone. GUARANTEED!
  • Check Driving and Criminal Records.
  • Do a background check on employees before you hire.
  • Find out how much alimony someone is paying.
  • Find debtors and locate hidden assets.
  • Locate e-mails, unlisted phone numbers, addresses.
  • Locate old classmates, missing family members, or a long lost love.
  • Investigate your family history, birth, death and social security records.
  • Verify your own credit reports so you can correct wrong information.
  • Track anyone's Internet activity, see the sites they visit.
  • Explore secret web sites that conventional search engines have never found.
  • Discover little-known ways to make untraceable phone calls.
  • Check adoption records; locate missing children or relatives.
  • Locate transcripts and Court Orders from all 50 states.
  • Cloak your email so your true address can't be discovered.
  • Discover how to check your phones for wiretaps.
  • Find out what the FBI knows about you!
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Some Comments from Net Detective Users:

"This is great. Just 30 minutes after downloading Net Detective I had located my long-lost college roommate and had her on the phone. We talked for two hours. (We hadn't talked in 27 years.) I have been telling all my friends and they are amazed."
- Marsha Seiler, Dallas TX.
"As a private investigator with over 22 years experience, I was very surprised to discover what a great asset Net Detective is for our business. We can now locate hard to find information in minutes that used to take hours or even days."

- Robert J. Carlson,
St. Paul, MN.
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